Set Your Business Up for Success

Plan for success with a business law attorney

Making a mistake during business formation can cause serious headaches in the future. A business law attorney from Lubker Ostien Law, LLC can help you dot every I and cross every T when you form your LLC or corporation.

Do you need help handling a wrongful termination lawsuit? Count on our experienced legal team to represent your best interests during negotiations and in the courtroom.

Don't deal with a contract dispute on your own

Contracts exist to present clear expectations about each party's responsibilities in an agreement. Unfortunately, misunderstandings still happen. Turn to Lubker Ostien Law if the other party...

  • Fails to deliver the agreed-upon products or services
  • Refuses to pay the full amount for the services or products
  • Disagrees on the meaning of the contract's terms

If you've suffered a loss of time, profits, products or good standing due to a breach of contract, you could be entitled to damages. Talk to a business law attorney by calling 610-725-8300 right away.